what not smoking looks like for me.

Its not that I want to air personal issues on public platform but I do feel like I owe an explanation for my lack of engagement with the outside world, especially social media.  My previous post was about failure, which turned out to be a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy.  I was scheduled to be part of group show with Flanders Gallery this past September and I bailed out.  I hit a wall, and I’ve been trying to dust myself off ever since . Its reminded me how delicately balanced our lives are, especially the lives of artists who generally exist hand to mouth/month to month.  A series of unfortunate events put me in a position where I thought I would have to give up my studio, and caused me to rethink my work and my approach to it.  The bright side is that I quit smoking after about 14 years of a pack a day habit.  It was three and a half months ago, and I’m now addicted to sunflower seeds (see pic above).  The down side is that its made working in my studio a bit uncomfortable as the rituals/routines of smoking were so ingrained in my process that its taken a while to get to a point where I feel “normal” spending time in my studio.