Post 100 x $100

Its an exciting time for me working in the studio.  I have 3 months to put together a group of new pieces for a show with Flanders in Raleigh this September.  Coming down from the massive output that was the 100 x $100 I had a bit of an artistic hangover in that I put so much into it creatively, that figuring out what my next move would be has been a bit of a sticking point.  After working through my thoughts for a month I now find myself in that rarified air of having too many ideas.  The hard part isn’t the work it’ll take to develop them, its deciding whether or not to reign myself in with a 3-month deadline looming.

in the picture above is the current state of my studio:  newly stretched and primed 80 x 88 in. canvas, and mock-up of billboard idea I’m working through. 

I’ll be posting pics as things develop.