Solo exhibition at Flanders Art Gallery

On view now through July 18th!


I’ve been super busy for the past 6 months finishing up work for my current exhibition at Flanders Art Gallery.  It is up for another 4 weeks or so, please check it out if you have the opportunity.  Its called standard deviation and below is the show statement written by Lauren Turner.  I think she did an amazing job articulating the overarching themes within this group of paintings.

Standard Deviation:

In statistics, standard deviation represents a set of data’s dispersal from a mean’s expected value. It is an analytic method of easily communicating the inherent variety and unpredictability in life. On a subjective level, it acts as a visualization of of the ways in which events in life can exceed or fail to surpass our expectations. For the art of Shaun Richards, standard deviation is an ideological lens through which one may view the complexities of concepts. For instance, the impulse to nostalgia is often a desire to romanticize the past by forgetting its disappointments. In such an example, standard deviation is less a formula than an emotional consideration of the gray areas between reality and perception.

Richards often relies on the intersection of text and image, and the formal properties of composition, in his efforts to communicate wry commentary on cliched notions. In Times of Your Life, he places sparring boys before abstracted orange forms that evoke an apocalyptic landscape, suggesting that the games of youth are thinly separated from an adult impulse to destroy through conquest. Decades of Progress depicts children and young adults, alone and in groups, against a starkly empty background. It asks the viewer whether society’s past cumulative actions now afford children the blank slates of a fresh start, or the lack of any collective communal support.

Taken together, the works of Standard Deviation create their own environment in which everyday existence is tinged by bittersweet reflections of the ambivalence that it can inspire.

-Lauren Turner